1. The only photo/postcard that matters.

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    Alexis Gross Photography

  6. THX for the prints SOFIA

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    attn: west coast



  10. I explore themes of cultural identity, because as Latinos, we are often erased from the social portrait. and then when you add being queer to that, we can really disappear. But I also think that the “positive image” strategy can be a trap, and as an artist, I feel responsible for showing art that is not only beautiful but truthful.

    art by Hector Silva (x)

  11. crustfundkids:

    Just a heads up to everyone who doesn’t know what’s happening to the Palestinian people in Gaza right now due to the Israeli offensive. 341 Palestinians (most of them civilians, children, etc.) and 5 Israelis (2 civilians 3 soldiers) are dead. THIS IS FUCKING GENOCIDE AND YOUR GOVERNMENT FULLY SUPPORTS IT

    Just because it’s not happening here doesn’t mean it’s not happening at all. 

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  13. Does anyone have a PA I can borrow for a show next weekend? Obvious pay will be in order!

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  15. Stressed out, life is dumb.